Trul Khor
Gentle Movement/Stretching & Breath Work
“trul-khor” is a generic term referring toTibetan movement practices in general.
Trul Khor is basic Tibetan movement that incorporates
Breath with Awareness, Concentration and Focus
in harmony with the Breath.
- Osten Aune

Trul Khor (Tibetan Yoga). Trul khor, or “magical movement,”
is a distinctive Tibetan practice of yoga
incorporating breath, awareness and physical movement.

Trul Khor, the magical movement from Tibet
is a practice of physical yoga
in which breath and mental concentration are integrated with body movements.

The Full Integration of a Sound Immersion Gong Bath.
• We set our Intention
• We begin Trul Khor (basic Tibetan movement) as taught by Tashi Nyima  Trul Khor is the prelude to the Mudras (hand gesture/meaning).
• The Mudras lead to either:
A seated Lung Ta Practice OR
Leads directly into the Gong Meditation.

If you are familiar with Gong Journeys Meditation, I have often used parts of Trul Khor as  the "gentle movement" to relax the body, mind and Spirit.

Before I became Gong Journeys Meditation, I was Yoga Journeys Meditation.
In 2018 I received my Hatha yoga teacher training certification
from AURA Wellness Center.

But for the past 2-years my concentration and focus has been on trul khor yoga as taught by Ven. Tashi Nyima.

This is my description of trul khor yoga- Osten Aune

“trul khor” yoga is simply basic Tibetan movement that incorporates Breath * Awareness * Movement.
My only experience with trul khor yoga is through my teacher Ven. Tashi Nyima.

I gathered with others for Tashi’s once a week trul khor yoga for approximately 2-years. Tashi allowed me to videotape a session. It is from this video that I have received most of my training. I have no formal training or certification; just my love and respect for Ven. Tashi Nyima and his teachings The Great Middle Way. Tashi has greatly influenced my personal life, yoga & meditation, spiritual life and my Gong Journeys Meditation’s Sound Immersion Gong Bath Meditations.

 What I have found on the Internet, YouTube videos etc. does not resemble Tashi’s trul khor lessons. I fell in love with the practice physically and spiritually. 

Trul Khor is unlike most styles of yoga.  There is no downward dog, no child pose, no warrior poses, no tree pose, not even a corpse pose. Trul khor has poses: Vulture harmonizing Space, Yak harmonizing Earth, Crane harmonizing Air, Snowlion harmonizing Fire, and Turtle harmonizing Water. Sometimes Trul Khor sometimes resembles Tai Chi or Qi Gong (kinda)

I cannot emphasize enough, for myself, trul khor is a breath meditation and prayer.

Trul khor (for myself) is like a solemn, sacred ceremony. Ceremony in the sense that the format, the postures/asanas, the routine is always the same every time. But somehow this does not become boring; more like going to church following each week’s order of worship. Trul Khor is an important breath meditation if you are seeking Enlightenment.

Trul Khor is a wonderful physical exercise & therapy, and valuable for meditation and Enlightenment.

Ven. Tashi Nyima

Great Middle Way

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