Steve Hubback

Steve Hubback's Spinning Conches are equal parts sculpture and instrument, blending artistic aesthetics and musical function. They are similar to a small gong in tone and function. They present a clear bell-like tone when tapped and a wobbly tremolo effect when spun. -- Gongs Unlimited

Steve Hubback is a Welsh-born musician, bronzesmith and metal sculptor who spends much of his time in Europe, particularly the Netherlands, Czech Republic and Scandinavia.

Steve left Wales for Paris in 1981 and started to experiment with very small drumsets and more unusual percussion. He made his first gong in Aarhus Denmark in 1990 and, although rough, it had interesting qualities. This inspired him to explore working with metal to make instruments and sculptures, He learnt welding from a metal working friend and a Norwegian blacksmith who after years of observation, eventually gave Steve a demonstration of master forge craft.

In 1992 Steve hammered out what was at the time the Worlds biggest gong, 2.5 metres in diameter and made from 4mm thick 304 stainless steel, weighing 155 kg - it took a month of continuous work to create it.

In the early 1990's Steve had a vivid dream where a percussionist was playing a number of otherwordly percussion instruments on a very unique drumset that had a large living bronze dragon's wing instead of a ride cymbal. This image stayed in Steve's mind and after much work it was translated and forged into the Dragon cymbal. 

Since then Steve has invented and pioneered many cymbal, gong and percussion sculptures. He has developed special techniques for his work and most of his creations are made from bronze. Some works are in stainless steel especially those for outdoor installation and a small amount of work in nickel silver.

He continues to invent and create unique gong and percussion sculptures. His creations are played by some of the world’s best percussionists including Paolo Vinaccia, Paul Clarvis, Evelyn Glennie, Andrea Centazzo, Snorre Bjerck, Birgit Lokke, Marilyn Mazur and Chris Whitten amongst others, as well as many shamanic healers, sound healers, occultists and those influenced by gong energies.

Steve is heavily influenced by dreams and shapes in nature. He makes his own sticks, mallets and parts of his percussion set are made from wood from European forests.

-- PM Gongs

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