Short Stories
by Eilif Osten Aune

The Mountain’s Protection

Working titles

The Lost Tribe of the Himalayas

The Lost Tribe of the TyZee

Children of Yeti

Osten Aune Christmas Night December 25, 2015

Eilif Osten Aune September 27, 2021

 A doomed expedition to the top of the world. A daughter seeking answers to her father’s disappearance, jealousy and betrayal, murder, survival,  the legend of the lost tribe and the origins of the Yeti.

Chapter 1. AFTERMATH 12/25/15  It’s in the late May of 1958 in a basecamp above the foot of the Himalaya Mountains in Tibet. It’s another doomed expedition to climb to the top of the world, the north face of Mt. Everest.

The basecamp looks like a graveyard, for that is exactly what it is… a graveyard.

Through the wind and snow, we see tattered tents that are blown down and half covered with snow. With a closer look we see human bodies half-buried in the snow. They looked like statues buried in the snow. Like the victims of Pompeii, we see the anguish on their grotesque faces of their last frozen moments of men who dared to climb to the top of the world. We do not know their plight, their tragedy, we only know that there are no survivors.

As our eyes travel through the frozen white death, the frozen white cemetery we focus on a human remains frozen in time, frozen in death. The man is covered in snow; his features are hard to make out, but one can see the anguish on the man’s face. Dangling in the wind is his watch fluttering on a chain. The locket is open; we can see a picture, a face--- a picture of a young woman. This may have been the last thought that the man had before he died. Maybe we presume the picture to be a picture of the man’s wife, daughter, or sweetheart, but we do not know for sure.

The shiny locket catches the eye of the creature, “Kim.” Kim is one the Lost Tribe of TyZee, a pack of white, furry, apelike but humanish villagers that took refuge in the mountains.

Kim is looking down at the doomed campsite. Kim is puzzled at the demise of the men. Kim reaches out and takes the locket from the dead man’s hands, it is John McFarlin’s watch with a picture of his daughter, Enya. Kim brushes aside snow that covers the picture. Kim looks hard and stares at the girl’s picture and tries to understand its meaning. We hear a sigh….

Chapter 2. Betrayal New Insert 12/29/15 10/15/2021

We are at John McFarlin’s doomed attempt the climb the north face of Mount Everest. The team had suffered injuries from an avalanche that tore through their camp. An avalanche can be devastating... releasing tons of snow, ice, and rock traveling at over 80-mph. John McFarlan was one of the first to appear from beneath the snow. After searching and attending to others he searched and found their radio so he could call for help from his brother James McFarlan below at the lower basecamp.

James McFarlan was in his tent listening to the anguish cries from his brother on their radio. “Come in James! We are in bad shape. We have two dead and several missing from an avalanche. Please send rescue, please send help! Please James, please send….” CLICK!”  James turned off the radio and cut-off his brother in mid-sentence, ignoring his brother’s pleas for help. “I told him climbing the mountains was dangerous and foolhardy. I told him that the mountain could kill him.” James shook his head in denial of what he had done. He had sealed the deaths of the entire climbing crew, including his own brother, his only brother.

Chapter 3. Enya McFarlin has been in the care of James McFarlin, John McFarlin’s brother when John ventured off on his adventures. Uncle James never took much interest in Enya. His main interest was managing his brother’s (John’s) estate while his brother was out on his adventures of exploration and discovery.

During this time Enya spent most of her time at a private boarding school for girls in Twickenham a borough southwest of London. Enya was a petite young woman with light auburn hair and beautiful blue eyes. She was strong-willed and tenacious, just like her father.

 Enya’s father (John) had left for Tibet in late March. Enya’s father wrote to his daughter continuously throughout his travels describing to Enya the magnificent sights of his adventures. Enya dreamed of going with her father to these far-away destinations. Enya received a letter from her father of their progress every week… then weeks and months passed by without a letter.

John McFarlin didn’t want to follow in the footsteps of New Zealander, Edmund Hillary, and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay, that reached the summit of Mt. Everest on May 29th of 1953 which is at 29,035 feet above sea level is the highest point on earth.  John McFarlin was more than just an explorer; he was also a scientist. On this trip to Tibet, John was going to bring scientific instruments to document and to better understand the harsh unpredictable weather of the mountains.

 Chapter 4. Birthday

Finally, Enya reached her 18th birthday and was no longer under the care and supervision of her Uncle James much to the consternation of her uncle for he no longer controlled Enya’s future or the purse-strings of the estate. In fact, Uncle James was jealous of his brother’s success and wealth. He was close to pennilessness for he was living as the comptroller of the estate while his brother John was on his distant travels.

Enya was anguishing in desperation of the lack of the news and letters that had stopped coming from her father. Enya set her mind that she was going to Tibet to find her father or at least answer the questions of his disappearance. Uncle James was furious at Enya’s plans for traveling to Tibet. He admonished her for being a woman too unexperienced to travel on such a perilous journey; How could she ever manage? Survive?

Enya was not detoured. She read her father’s journals and notebooks finding precious information of contacts and itineraries. Enya first was able to find a friend of her father’s a retired army officer: Major Mike. Enya had met the Major years earlier as a young child. Major Mike and Enya’s father were close friends and kindred spirits. Major Mike had traveled with McFarlin on his first expedition to the Himalayas. The Major was also very concerned about the disappearance of the James McFarlin expedition and was thrilled that Enya had reached out to him. They met for weeks making plans and arrangements for the journey.  Fortunately, the Major has been to India and Tibet years earlier. The Major had all the experience to setup and guide such a dangerous expedition. And in no uncertain terms the Major explained to Enya the dire risk and dangers of such an endeavor. But again, Enya was not detoured and agreed to the journey. Enya privately knew to herself that she probably wouldn’t find her father alive… it was more about ‘walking in his footsteps.

End of 9/16/2021             

Chapter 5:  The Myth Centuries ago in the lower plateaus and valleys under the shadow of the great Himalayas lay the small village of TyZee.  The Tyzee were a peaceful nomadic village that raised sheep, cattle, goats, camels, yaks, donkeys and horses

But from the West came barbarians from China. Xie was the Chinese, rouge, outlaw leader of barbarian murderous criminals that were terrorizing and plundering the small villages.  

 The TyZee sent lookouts out from the village to watch for the invaders. Sometimes at night the lookouts could see villages burning in the distance. One night the Tyzee lookouts saw a small band of Xie scouts approaching. The TyZee set a trap to ambush the attackers and killed them. They did not realize that one of the dead was the son of the chief Xie, barbarians. The TyZee scouts ran back to the village to warn of the pending attack

Chapter 6: Evacuation   When the scouts returned to the village they warned of the impending attack. Tashi, the chief of the TyZee ordered everyone to pack up provisions and to head to the security of the Chomolungma, the Tibetan name for Mt. Everest. which means “Mother Goddess of the World.” 

The village of men, women, children, and the elderly all headed up to the treacherous mountains. They had hoped to return home after a few days when the barbarians had left. But unbeknown to them the barbarian chief Xie was enraged at the death of his son. And so Xie vowed vengeance against the village of TyZee, that he would kill every last one of the villagers, even if it took forever.

After a week in the mountains, the TyZee were weak and weary. They thought that the worst was behind them. But to their horror the attackers were still in pursuit. The village pressed on higher into the mountains. They approached the tree line. There was nowhere to go.  Down to the attackers below or up the perilous mountain. The villagers pressed on with very little hope. If the barbarians didn’t kill them; the freezing cold would. The villagers pressed on higher up the mountain.

Then the mountain trembled and shook. There was a landslide of rock and snow fast approaching.  They took refuge under a rock outcropping and prayed. Fortunately, the landslide slowed down the progress of the attackers, but the TyZee were spared injury. When the dust had cleared it revealed an entrance to a cave. The villagers entered the cave for protection against the cold and wind. The villagers were exhausted from their hurried climb up the mountain. They fell to the floor of the cave in exhaustion. Tashi the village chief, elder, and priest began to pray against the wall of the cave where water was dripping from the melted snow into a small pool inside the cave. Tashi prayed to the Chomolungma mountain for protection against the attackers, hunger, the cold, and the wind.

The mountain heard the cries of the people and promised to nurture its people. As the villagers slept, a cloud of mist slowly descended from the ceiling of the cave. The mist was greenish and sparkly, like fireflies dancing. The mist bathed the people in the fine mist. As the new sun arose, the sparkly mist disappeared.  The villagers were not aware of the mountain’s mist or the mountain’s gift of protection. The mountain gave them protection from the high altitude of the Dead Zone,  the  high altitude where there is not enough available oxygen for humans to breathe. Fortunately the Xie couldn't tolerate the thin air of the Dead Zone and were unable to reach the TyZee.

Chapter 7: Prayers Answered When they awoke, the sun filtered down from an opening in the ceiling of the cave. They did not feel cold. But mostly they were grateful that they were still alive and that the mountain had given them refuge.

The cave offered much sustenance. There was water dripping from the melted snow from the warmer temperatures inside the cave. Also, a milk-like substance was secreted from the walls of the cave, nutritious mountain’s milk. The cave also provided a variety of edible moss, fungi, algae, and mushrooms. The villagers felt safe and secure, and they figured they would outlast the attackers below. Days turned into weeks and weeks into…. The villagers became used to their new cave home. They became more adapt to their surroundings. They could climb and jump along the steep mountainside like mountain goats. Slowly their appearance changed.

Their skin became whiter and impervious to the cold. Their skin grew a thin layer of fur to keep them better insulated from the cold for fur does not have roots like hair.

They became larger and stronger, . After a few years they weren’t recognizable as their former selves. The TyZee had the instincts and intuitiveness of an animal but also had the higher qualities of man; love, justice, and helping others. As time passed, the TyZee village became just a memory and a myth forgotten.

 The Xie were also transformed the night of the mountain’s mist. They were smaller, brown, and couldn’t breathe the thinner mountain air in the Dead Zone as well as the TyZee. The Xie their appearance had changed but not their vicious, revengeful nature. These brownish creatures had the lower qualities of man; revenge, anger, hate, and greed. The creatures were not human, they mostly had the instincts of wild animals The villagers in the region called these creatures “Yeti” and that these creatures were dangerous and cannibalistic; they carried off livestock, women, and children to never be seen again.

Chapter 8: Pursued But even after a year the Xie were still in a revengeful rage against the TyZee village. The continued their attacks but the TyZee had the advantage; they had the high ground and could throw rocks down at the attackers below. They were at a standoff, but the Xie barbarians would raise their ugly heads and attack the TyZee. TheXie never stopped their attacks on the TyZee even though they were always doomed to failure for the Mountain protected them.

Chapter 9: Contact Enya, Major Mike, Uncle James, village packers, and a team of experienced Sherpas struggled up the mountain in search of Enya’s father, John McFarlin. The Sherpas were the nomadic natives of Tibet who were accustomed to the thin air of the mountains, and they were expert mountaineers. The expedition headed up the intimidating mountain that was filled with dangers; freezing temperatures, gale force winds, snowy whiteouts where visibility was impossible, a land of rock falls and deadly avalanches. Worst of all, if they encountered any problems rescue would come very slowly if it came ever at all.

Uncle James had insisted on coming on the venture on a fabrication to protect his niece Enya. For if Enya was killed on this expedition, he would be next in line to inherit his brother’s fortune. Privately, Uncle James plotted on how to kill Enya and make her disappear.

Chapter 10: Don’t be Pushed by Your Problems The climbers were making slow progress. The climb was daunting, but Enya was resilient and hopelessly encouraging; she was on a mission--- and the weather, the mountain were not going to stop her.

“Don’t be pushed by your problems; be led by your dreams” was one of Enya’s father favorite quotes from Ralf Waldo Emerson. Enya never complained on her quest, her climb to find her father. Even carrying her 30-pound backpack and blisters on her feet, Enya never complained! After what felt like a lifetime Enya was on her quest to climb one of the most dangerous mountains on earth. The days were hard just reaching the two basecamps. There were times when Enya doubted herself, her resolve, her strength, and at times she doubted that she would ever find the answers to her missing father. No mountain was going to get in her way  and stop her. But with a tear and determination she pressed on….

 Kim watched the caravan of climbers perilously climbed up the mountain. Kim laughed to himself, he saw the climbers as clumsy, slow, and awkward.  Kim himself could climb the mountain like a mountain goat.  In fact, Kim had learned some of his climbing skills from mountain goats. One goat became his close friend and sidekick named Shānyáng, the Chinese word for goat. 

 Kim and Shānyáng would climb and play and frolic on the mountain that was so dangerous and awkward for the climbers. The climbers had a difficult time scaling the mountain; their feet would slip, and they would fall. Kim looked intently at Enya, he thought she was pretty; pretty strange for he had never seen a female creature like her.

 In the past Kim has seen other climbers before from a distance. Kim was forbidden by his father, to never go below the Dead Zone for then he would lose the mountain's protection and that he would enter the land of the Xie Yeti! 

Kim was told to never get near the climbers; for the climbers were considered to be deadly dangerous.  Kim was warned to never enter the village of fire; the people that held fire.

Kim went back to his family clan and reported to his father what he had seen. His father was furious, “Haven’t I warned you to never get near the intruders, they are dangerous, they will Kill You with their weapons!”

Kim only half listened to his father. Kim was listening to his heart and to his curiosity, he wanted to gaze upon the strange, but pretty young woman again. Kim was mesmerized by Enya’s beauty. Kim didn’t know it, but he wanted to follow his heart.

Chapter 11 Bittersweet: When Enya’s expedition reached the doomed site of her father. It was so bittersweet. Enya had finally found her father, but he was Dead! She had come this far but was no closer to the questions she needed answered.

But then Enya looked at her father, frozen in the snow. Under her breath she asked, “What happened to you?” She wrestled a rumpled envelope out of his coat pocket. Enya opened up the letter addressed to her. The letter was short her father’s last entry was, “Enya, I’m Sorry! I Love You.”

As Enya down on her knees looking at her father’s face, she gently wept. Enya and her company of packers and climbers were leaving their basecamp under the watchful eyes of “Kim” one of the TyZee tribe. Somehow Kim recognized Enya as the girl in the locket. Kim didn’t understand the circumstances, but he understood that Enya was grieving before her loved one. Kim felt empathy, sad for her for Kim understood the pain of loss.

Her Uncle James looked upon the corpses with distain and contempt. He could not accept that he was responsible for the demise of his brother and expedition. He had guilt but no remorse for what he had done. He drank obsessively to forget.

The night was clear with a giant, beautiful full moon gave off a beautiful light that bathed the mountain in moonlight glory. Enya looked up at the heavens above and looked at the stars. Seeing the moon, the stars, the mountain made Enya feels closer to God; the beauty made her soul to sing.

Enya had memories of she and her father looking at the heavens above. Her father would point out to Enya the planets and the constellations. Sometimes they would see a falling star and made a wish. The memories made Enya sing with a joy…. Kim watching nearby listened to her beautiful song. Light of my Soul.

Enya’s uncle scoffed at the dead; Enya had a dark premonition to not trust her devious uncle. Then there was a rumble. Uncle came up behind Enya quietly. Enya was not aware that her uncle was right behind her. Uncle thought to himself that with just one little push, Enya would be lost, and he again would be in complete control of his brother’s estate; he would no longer have to listen to the whims of a young woman. Uncle was approaching to make his move when Major Mike came to check on them, “Are you alright? Are you safe?” Uncle was surprised by Major’s appearance, and he was disappointed that he would have to put off his plans for Enya’s demise.

Chapter 12: Attack Enya looked above and there was a Xie savage yeti standing and growling above her. Enya’s uncle with his long gun fired in terror at the shadowy, huge, hulking menace. The shot rang out and echoed over the mountains barely missing Enya. Enya had become used to the sound of rumbling, rockslides in the distance but this one sounded closer. She was afraid. The gunshot had created a rockslide above the camp. Enya was pelted with the icy rockslide and fell to her knees. As the rocks came thundering down, the yeti began to attack Enya. Out of nowhere, Kim rushed and kicked the yeti down the mountain to its death. Enya was hurt and frantically screaming… Kim grabbed Enya who was, under his arm and dashed up the mountainside and out of sight to safety. Major Mike and the rest of the party rushed to find Enya. They searched and searched but could not find her. They were afraid that she had been swept down the mountain along with her Uncle James never to be seen again.

Chapter 13:  Rescue or Danger Enya was in and out of consciousness… she could not comprehend what had happened to her… the gunshot, the rockslide, the beast that attacked, and what on the mountain held her in their grasp?  Enya was fearful but she knew she was safe from the rockslide and the beast but what was to happen to her next? Enya could tell that she was being carried fast up the mountain by leaps and bounds.

But was she rescued or in mortal danger? She knew not. Enya is beginning to wake up from a dream… or was she waking up to a nightmare? Enya had a bad head injury, cuts, and bruises from the falling rockslide.

In the cave Enya began to awaken. Her eyes were still blurry. The cave walls appeared to be glowing greens, blues, and purples. Then she saw small shadows coming near… they were laughing and giggling. Enya looked up and saw the child-like creatures all in white. Then the larger shadows came near. Kim’s mother Ajeet reached out and gave her water; she was relieved and began to feel safe in her new mysterious surroundings. And then Kim slowly appeared from the center of the clan. She looked deeply at Kim and realized that this was the creature that saved her from her uncle, the brown creature and rockslide. She knew that Kim had saved her. Kim recognized Enya as the girl in the locket. Kim opened out his hand revealing her father’s watch and locket. Kim placed the locket in Enya’s hands and then closed her hands with his hands. Kim looked deeply at Enya’s eyes, for he had never seen anyone with blue eyes. When Enya and Kim’s eyes met, there was a strong connection.

Enya felt safer but she was freezing from the cold for she did not have the protection of the mountain. She had also been injured from the falling rocks and was bleeding.  Enya had a bad head injury, cuts, and bruises from the falling rockslide.  Enya felt weak and feverish, but she was coherent. Kim’s clan was worried for Enya, but they didn’t know how to care for her. They did not know what to do.

Kim cried out, “if she remains here, she will freeze to death.”  Then Kim whispered, “she must be returned to her people!” Tashi growled that he should not take her down the mountain, that it would be dangerous and the people that held fire may kill him. After some deliberation, Kim decided that it was something that he must do. Kim’s father couldn’t understand his son, but his mother understood….

Chapter 14: Descending Down With little fanfare, Kim held Enya in his arms to protect her from the cold winds and headed down the mountain. When Kim reached the tree line, he knew that the barbarian creatures would be lurking about. Kim kept climbing down between the trees as quietly as he could, but tree branches on the ground with snap beneath his feet.

Kim was not familiar with this part of the mountain so far down among the trees. His strength was diminishing as he traveled down the mountain. Kim kept looking behind him, he was sure he was being followed but by what? Kim was nervously feeling afraid, he was sure something was following him and feared the dangers before him.  

As he crept slowly down, he heard a sound. Kim stopped dead in his tracks and looked around. He didn’t see anything, but he heard movement all around him. Then in some trees below, he saw them, their eyes were shining like devils in the dark. He knew he was surrounded and outnumbered by the deadly barbarians. Kim let out a loud roar to try to scare his attackers, but they kept coming closer and closer. Kim didn’t want to put Enya down in the snow, but he had to defend themselves….

A barbarian attacked from behind and jumped on Kim’s back, biting him behind the neck. Fortunately, Kim was larger and stronger. Kim grabbed his attacker and flung him into a tree. The barbarians started to encircle Kim. Kim roared violently again but his attackers pursued. Kim felt that they were doomed to die.

Chapter 15: People of Fire Out of the trees came more loud roars, different from before but familiar.  It was Tashi and his brothers! With a small skirmish the barbarians fled and ran away. Kim looked up, he was so glad to see his father and brothers. They were the eyes that Kim thought were watching him earlier.

“We couldn’t let you go down the mountain alone… we had to be there for you.” Kim and Tashi embraced. Kim was so grateful that his clan had followed him. Ajeet helped Enya up and helped to clean her wounds. They weren’t far from the village of fire for they could smell the smoke in the distance.

Kim carefully picked up Enya and proceeded down the mountain. Kim knew that this was as far as his family could go without losing the protection of the mountain. Somehow Enya understood what a sacrifice Kim was making for her, he was risking his life….

Finally, Kim had reached the valley of the fire people. He looked down and he saw a large bonfire burning in the center of the village. There were two rows of small huts. And outside of each hut was a burning fire torch. Kim had never been this close to fire before. Kim was afraid but he was going to finish what he had started

As Kim approached the village, he felt something that he had long forgotten, it was the warmth of the fire. The torches flickered in the wind, they looked beautiful to Kim. Some of the villagers began to peer out of their windows and doorways. They couldn’t believe what they were seeing, a creature returning and carrying a young woman. The villagers were alarmed, they gathered their weapons of knives and axes. They feared the creature, but they didn’t want to endanger the woman dangling from Kim’s arms.

Kim continued to the center of the village to bring Enya closer to the main fire so she would live. Somehow Enya was getting heavier for Kim to carry… he was getting weaker. The villagers scurried and carried Enya away from what they feared. Enya cried out, “Don’t hurt him!” She crawled back to Kim and raised her hands to not hurt him.

Chapter 16: Transformation Kim felt weaker and weaker. He was losing the protection of the mountain. Kim began to perspire, something that was foreign to him. Kim thought he was dying. The wind picked up and the torches sparks swirled around Kim and Enya. The villagers gasped to their amazement of the sight. It was like a whirlwind of fire, snow, and wind engulfing the two. Then some magic happened… the wind died, but Kim was transformed back to his human appearance. He looked just like the day they had fled up the mountain. Enya looked up at Kim’s handsome face and hugged with all she had, but it hurt to do so.

The villagers couldn’t believe what had just happened, they were so relieved, they were jubilant! Kim’s father Tashi and the clan also watched the amazing transformation from a distance.… out of the dark trees it was Tashi approaching the village of fire with Ajeet close behind. They followed their son’s footsteps to the rows of torches and knelt before the fire. The miracle of whirlwind fire swirled over them, and they were transformed back to their former selves. Slowly the rest of the clan came down, holding hands, and holding children in their arms. As the night progressed, the entire clan was transformed back much to the delight of the village for some of the villagers recognized the clan as their long-lost relatives. The night turned into a reunion celebration.

The villagers explained that they were afraid of the night, that livestock and sometime people were carried off in the night by the creatures. The bonfires and torches were to keep the barbarian creatures away for they were afraid of fire.

Chapter 17: Victim of Treachery Uncle James wasn’t killed when the rockslide and the Xie attacked! The rockslide dropped him into a cleft just below the basecamp, but he was covered with snow and couldn’t be seen by Major Mike and the rest of the surviving expedition. Uncle James awakened from his injuries from the rockslide. He woke up and he saw no one. Uncle James cursed Enya, her father, and the expedition. He was freezing and afraid. He yelled out for help but there was no reply for the expedition had already headed down the mountain, thinking that Enya and her uncle had been carried to their deaths. He started to stumble down the mountain to find the safety of the lower basecamp. Uncle James began to hear low growling all around him when he reached the trees. And then he saw it, it was a band of the Xie barbarians circling and closing in on him. The Xie attacked and Uncle James was never seen or heard of again. He became a victim of his own treachery.

 Chapter 17 Celebration Enya never did return to her home in England, she stayed in the mountains for she fell in love with Kim, and married Kim. Enya and Kim lived long happy lives and the village prospered.  Kim and Enya continued to climb and explore the mountains. Enya continued in her father’s footsteps of scientific study and document the weather in the mountains. Enya believed she was living in the Spirit that her father wanted her to live, to be free, explore, and to love and be happy on top of the world.

The village celebrated the Reunion of the TyZee every year. But the “Yeti” Xie barbarians remained savages in the mountains, and they continue to terrorize villages to this day. As the years went by Kim’s and Enya’s story was told and retold and embellished to this day.


  The End?

September 21, 2021

Osten Aune