Sa Ta Na Ma
Kirtan Kriya

Mantras are powerful tools for clearing and restructuring the subconscious mind. SAT NAM and its derivative SA TA NA MA are the two basic mantras taught by Yogi Bhajan to reorient the mind and thus open us up to the possibility of transformational change. --- Lesson 15 - Kirtan Kriya for Evolutionary Change

Sa Ta Na Ma is one of the movement/mudras that I like to use to calm the body and mind. This mantra truly brings you into a meditative state.

I have my sound system to present the music above 12 minutes.

SA is the beginning, infinity, the totality of everything that ever was, is or will be.

TA is life, existence and creativity that manifests from infinity.

NA is death, change and the transformation of consciousness.

MA is rebirth, regeneration and resurrection which allows us to consciously experience the joy of the infinite.

Lesson 15 - Kirtan Kriya for Evolutionary Change