Hiking with PeeWee

Not all who Wander are Lost!

Hiking with PeeWee, my 12-year old, 14 lb. Jack Russell Terrier Mix
With Grandpa Osten Aune 69-years old!
I am not an experienced, seasoned hiker. Contents are my own thoughts, opinions, & words.

In 2021 I have completed 57 trails (Not bad for someone almost 70-years old!)

The purpose of this website is to encourage everyone to “GO TAKE A HIKE!”
There are hiking trails suitable for everyone.
Hiking trails are not Mountain Climbing!
Hiking Trails are established trails with GPS navigation and trail markers.

I do not receive any compensation from AllTrails or REI Co*Op

There are 3 types of trails on AllTrails app

Easy, Moderate, & Hard are descriptions of the trail conditions;
Not the distance of the trails.
A 25-mile hike could be easy. (For myself a 25-mile hike would physically be HARD!)

·       EASY are trails that are wonderful for wheelchairs, walkers, scooters, bicycles, and for children and strollers.

·       MODERATE are trails that are dirt, rocky, and are more challenging.

·       HARD are more difficult trails with more elevation gains and obstacles. These trails may require trekking poles or other equipment.

 I find most of my trails with the AllTrails App. You can search nearby trails or search for other cities, states, and parks.


Before we get started, I want to Stress some of the important Rules for Safety!

·       Always tell someone where you are hiking in case emergency services need to find you.

·       Research the trail on Internet & AllTrails. Know what you’re getting in to.

·       Wear appropriate Shoes when hiking! Tennis Shoes, Crocs, flip flops don’t cut it! Invest in good hiking shoes from a sporting goods store. Your safety depends of wearing good hiking shoes!

·       Always carry water!!! I carry a 3-liter water reservoir that fits in my backpack. I can take a sip of water whenever needed! Carrying water is essential.

·       Carry a Whistle for emergencies!

·       Navigate Trail with AllTrails.

Hiking Rock Island State Park in Tennessee with my grandson Scott! Amazing waterfalls, rushing waters, and dripping waters from the cliffs above.

·       It is Safer and more FUN hiking with others. Join Hiking Clubs through REI Sporting Equipment.

·       Wear appropriate clothing for the season. Dress in layers.

·       Don’t forget sunscreen & bug spray in the summer. I use essential oils to repel insects.

·       Carry your cell phone for GPS and for emergencies, carry a compass with you.  

• Pay Attention to Warnings!
· Poison Ivy
· Snakes

• So far, I have fallen down 3 times. What to watch out for:
· Muddy, slippery conditions
· Scree
· a mass of small loose stones that form or cover a slope on a mountain.
· a slope covered with small loose stones.
· Loose rocky gravel stones that work like ball bearings that contribute to falling!
· Even a cover of leaves can be slippery.

Trekking Poles are often used for greater stability!
Trekking poles are for people of all ages!

·       If you hike at night a headlamp is essential for safety and enjoyment. My first hike at night I was not prepared for! I had hiked all day at Arches National Park in Utah. I decided to hike the “Delicate Arch” late in the afternoon. This was a long arduous hike. When I reached the arch is was already getting dark. On my return hike I followed other hikers with headlamps and flashlights to find my way. Some hikers were hiking like mountain goats because they were wearing headlamps. When I returned home, I promptly ordered a headlamp. I never intended to hike at night but it happened. I have hiked other trails with my headlamp and I have enjoyed it very much!!!

Hiking at Night with my Headlamp

Hiking the Maude S. Canyon Trail Butte, Montana  If you love hiking & backpacking and love dogs you’ll enjoy this video! Video gives a good example of trail conditions, scenic view, and challenges staring my little dog PeeWee a 12-year-old 14 lb. Terrier MIX.

Hiking Lake of the Arbuckles View Trail in the Chickasaw Recreation Center Area near Sulphur,Oklahomas AT NIGHT! A Magical hike at Night. Beautiful!

I am 69-years old, and I am new to hiking, less than two years’ experience. I want to explain how I got started hiking.

 It was love at first sight! I was driving home to Dallas, Texas from Salt Lake City, Utah. I just happened to drive by Wilson’s Arch near Moab. As soon as I saw the arch, “Oh My God,” I couldn’t believe the beauty and majesty of the arch.

 I immediately pulled my car over and started to walk. I was truly drawn to walk & climb up the arch. I only got about halfway up, and I realized that my shoes were not suitable to climb up safely any further. Lesson #1 Wear Appropriate Shoes!

When I got home, I used the AllTrails App. To find trails near my home in Dallas. I was surprised to find a nearby trail with a waterfall within 5-miles from home!

The Huck Finn Trails an Easy 1.8-mile hike. After Huck Finn, I used the app to find more and more trails close to home.

In 2021, I have completed 57 trails (not bad for someone almost 70-year-old).

 After I was furloughed from my part-time job at the YMCA, I started to deliver dogs & cats across the country through Citizen Shipper. I have enjoyed the travel and pets so much that this is how I want to spend my retirement. I delivered a dog to Idaho with my little dog PeeWee. After the dog was delivered we began hiking in every state coming home to Dallas: Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico and finally home to Dallas.