Guidelines for the Gong Bath
By Don Conreaux
What to Expect?
What to Bring?

From the Don Conreaux desk:
This article was contributed to me by Jerry Harbaugh

To the listener…………

Suggest gently to yourself,

“I will let the sound go right through me as though I were not there at all.”

“I will remain open and allow the gong vibrations to immerse me without any resistance.”

“I will keep myself relaxed and comfortable as though I were home alone in bed”

“If I feel any discomfort I will stretch or turn over without a second thought.”

“If I sense at any time any tension in myself, I will allow it to complete its tension cycle without judging it’s meaning.”

“I will allow my mind to think its thoughts whatever they are without attempting to still them.”

“I will let go of any urge to control anything.”

"I will consider any thoughts that arise as simply thought dust that is being swept away by the winds of change."

The experience of the sublime occurs when the judgmental is down.

What to Expect at a Gong Bath

What to Bring to a Gong Bath

  • Bring whatever you need to be comfortable! Wear loose comfortable clothing. Most people prefer to lye down on a yoga mat. Most Yoga & Meditation Centers provide mats but are not available at all venues. Chairs are often made available if you prefer to sit. Bring whatever you need to be comfortable! People have brought sleeping bags, quilts, blankets and pillows. Remember during meditation your blood pressure lowers; that might make you feel cooler and want a blanket. You may want to bring a bolster for under your knees for support. Bring your own eye pillow mask if desired. Bring a water bottle.

1.      Wear loose comfortable clothing. Bring a water bottle. Chairs & mats provided but bring whatever you need to be comfortable; pillow, blanket, bolster….

2.      Members are encouraged to voluntarily join in for the Gentle Movement to calm and relieve stress in the body.

3.      Mudras (hand gestures) and mantras help to calm the mind, guide and direct the meditation.

 4.      Then the Intention is set with accompanying Koshi Bells.

 5.      Then the Gong Bath gently builds to a sustained crescendo and then drifts back down that leads to a new sound healing vibration.

 6.      There are walking handheld gong techniques that travel throughout the room, giving participants and very personal experience.

 7.      There is about 2-minutes of silence toward the end.


 8.      Djembe Drum and Buffalo Drums are used for Grounding; I will verbally bring you back to a grounded, awake, conscious state. Instructions, Questions and Laughter are all a part of the grounding.

 9.      When leaving before driving STOMP your FEET a few times to assure that you are fully awake and conscious. You don’t want to be behind the wheel half asleep!!!

 10.  Afterwards drink plenty of water. Your body has been one Listening Device. The gongs have vibrated every cell in your body for healing and release of stress. Drink plenty of water to get the toxins out of your body.

 11.  Keep track of your sleep. Hopefully you will have a nice restful sleep and awaken with energy, intuition, inspiration, clarity, problem solving, healing and much more. Gong Meditation may be short term or cumulative and long lasting. Every gong bath is different, and everyone is different and receives the gong bath differently.

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Don Conreaux  formerly known as Baba Don and Guru Jagat. Master Don was one of the five original Kundalini Yoga Teachers designated by  Yogi Bhajan  in 1969.

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