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When you want to host a Gong Bath Meditation it is important to customize the gong bath to your needs; Bring a Gong Bath Meditation to your Home, Office, School, Place of Worship, Yoga Studio, Break Room, or Clubhouse.

For Trade Shows and Conventions or Outdoor Celebrations… Bring the Energy, the Sounds of Creation for your special event and occasion.

Osten Aune, gong journeyman begins each session with setting the Intention and gentle movement to calm the body and mind. I often use postures from Trul Khor (as taught by Tashi Nyima). For some of the Breath * Awareness * Movement, I may use the 14 Points (as taught by Thay Z) or Light of my Soul/Call & Response.

I use a Call & Response to demonstrate the Mudras.

"I am the Light of My Soul" is a song
that incorporates movement, breath
awareness, mudras and Spirit!
The mudras are a wonderful prelude
to the Gong Meditation.

The labyrinth design is used to designate a sacred space. The labyrinth is used to help people understand their relation to nature and God’s design, to promote a sense of well-being and healing. It is designed to reveal, release, refresh and free the human spirit in a quest to become connected to the Divine in all of us.

The labyrinth is a place for prayer and meditation. The path of the labyrinth is a sacred place set aside for those who walk it to reflect and feel the presence of God.

Gong Bath Programs

Additional Discounts for Weekly, Monthly or Quarterly Return/Encore Presentations.

All Gong Baths Require 1-hour setup and 1-hour breakdown.

Gong Journeyman Osten Aune begins each session setting the Intention, by guiding you through movement to calm the body and through mudras, or hand gestures, to calm the mind and guide the meditation.  Then participants are immersed in soothing sounds of a gong bath featuring a 40" King Gong from Italy, 30” Paiste Symphonic Gong from Germany, Chinese Chau Gong and Wind Gong, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Koshi Bells, solfeggio chimeschimes, shakers, drums and even a Conch Shell Gong from Iceland!  This Gong Journey encourages meditation, self-healing, relaxation, prayer and spirituality. A rejuvenation of body, mind and spirit. 

The sessions are always customized to your needs.

·       Sound Immersion Gong Bath (1½-2-hours) 

The Full Integration of a Sound Immersion Gong Bath.
• We set our Intention
• We begin Trul Khor (basic Tibetan movement) as taught by Tashi Nyima.   Trul Khor is the prelude to the Mudras (hand gesture/meaning).
• The Mudras lead to either:
A seated Lung Ta Practice OR
Leads directly into the Gong Meditation.

If you are familiar with Gong Journeys Meditation, I have often used parts of Trul Khor to relax the body, mind and Spirit.

·       Savasana (30 - 40 minutes)

o   Shorter Sound Immersion with Gongs, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Chimes, Koshi Bells and Drums. Recommended for Peace, Calm and Meditation at the end of your program.

·    Ambient

o   Gong Background Music

Gong Meditation Behind:
• Yoga Instruction
• Labyrinth
• Qigong
• Tai Chi
• Yoga Nidra

o   Sound Immersion with Gongs, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Chimes, Koshi Bells and Drums. Recommended for Weddings, Trade Shows, Grand Openings, Dedications etc. (Hourly & Daily Rates Available)

·  Ambient & Savasana (Yoga Studios)  (1½ - 2 hours) 

o   Gong Background Music

Gong Meditation Behind:
• Yoga Instruction
• Labyrinth
• Qigong
• Tai Chi
• Yoga Nidra

Background Gong during your yoga class with a Savasana.  Specialty for Yoga Studios; have your instructor teaching the yoga class with ambient gong playing in the background followed with a Savasana at the end.

Walking handheld Gong Techniques travels through the audience.

I like to Flow through the room with hand-held walking gong techniques; it gives a wash of sound throughout the room.

This Vibrato is used to awaken the body, to bring the body back into a balanced and grounded consciousness.

·       Vibrato - Walking and Handheld Gong and Drum Techniques. Recommended for Outdoor Events.  (Hourly & Daily Rates Available)

Unity Dallas March 23, 2018

A Sound Immersion Gong Bath is not a Performance in the sense that you participate by relaxing and listening; most of the time with your eyes closed. But soft lighting adds to the ambiance, mood and brings out the beauty of the gongs.

Trul Khor
“trul-khor” is a generic term referring to Tibetan movement practices in general.

Trul Khor (Tibetan Yoga). Trul khor, or “magical movement,”
is a distinctive Tibetan practice of yoga
incorporating breath, awareness and physical movement.

Trul Khor, the magical movement from Tibet
is a practice of physical yoga
in which breath and mental concentration are integrated with body movements.

Trul Khor is unlike most styles of yoga.  There is no downward dog, no child pose, no warrior poses, no tree pose, not even a corpse pose. Trul khor has poses: Vulture harmonizing Space, Yak harmonizing Earth, Crane harmonizing Air, Snowlion harmonizing Fire, and Turtle harmonizing Water. 

Trul khor (for myself) is like a solemn, sacred ceremony. Ceremony in the sense that the format, the postures/asanas, the routine is always the same every time. But somehow this does not become boring; more like going to church following each week’s order of worship. Trul Khor is an important breath meditation if you are seeking Enlightenment.

Trul Khor is a wonderful physical exercise & therapy, and valuable for meditation and Enlightenment.

Yoga Journeys and Gong Meditation (1½ Hours)

This is a Yoga Class!

Hatha Yoga Class with Trul-Khor (Traditional Tibetan Movement)  gentle seated stretching warmups to help relieve STRESS in the body and to Calm the Mind. Gentle Hatha Yoga Class for all skill levels and Great for Beginners! We always stay within our range of motion and we always back off from pain.

Hatha yoga is about bringing rest, relaxation, calm and a greater strength, range of motion and flexibility to your body.  Yoga is NOT about twisting yourself into a pretzel and injuring yourself.

After the yoga workout there will be an abbreviated Savasana Gong Bath

Gong Meditation with Singing Bowls, Chimes, Koshi Bells and Drums are included.

Recommended for Yoga Studios and Businesses. 

Gong Kids

The Gong Kids program of gongs, drums, shakers, singing bowls and chimes
introduces children to many cultures and traditions
that are found around the world.

I love what I do, and I love to share the reverberations of the gongs, bells, bowls, chimes, and drums. The real work is in the 1-hour setup and 1-hour breakdown. Much care goes into the packing safely and transportation of these instruments.

But after I am setup, this is where the Love and the Fun Begins! I enjoy immensely playing and sharing the gongs; it does my heart well. When I first started yoga--- the yoga practice became a time of prayer. For myself-- Sharing the Gongs are an expression of God's Love.

What is a Gong Journeyman?

Well, Osten Aune does NOT claim to be a "Gong Master". This is not an attempt to be humble but a state of mind, Shoshin. I know people who are truly gong masters, but I am a journeyman, content to always be a student of the gong. I am an apprentice to my teachers Barbara Cole and Kenny Kolter (Gong Masters). I enjoy being a student! I enjoy learning. I enjoy sharing the gongs with others. I learn from each and every gong meditation; I learn from my students. I want to always be open to learning what the gong wants to teach me. 

Gong Journeys Meditation
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