A Library/School Program Reimagined! This Gong Kids program will have you going in Circles! All of the children are seated in a large circle. If there are a lot of kids, there may be a circle within a circle with parents with their (small) children in the outer circle. Everyone gets to participate. There will be Circle Songs, Circle Dance and a Drum Circle with plenty of shakers to ensure that every child has an instrument. Then there are breath exercises to create calm with the kids joining in on the gongs and drums.

This program works best for smaller groups or break up large attendance with 2 or more programs. Additional programs are discounted.  Afterwards time is set aside for meet and greet with Osten Aune.

For myself, the most work is the setup and breakdown of the gongs and equipment. But now that I’m here… think about having a Gong Journeys Meditation that evening for the adults to relax and rejuvenate! 

1st Program $250.00  Each additional program $100.00 (including the adult meditation).

·         Universal Greeting

·         Intro of Instruments

·         Shaker (Drum) Circle

·         Gong Bath (interaction)

·         Circle Dance

·         Craft Optional! 

Mudras are hand signals or signs that have symbolic meanings.

Ask kids a question and you may get many different answers!

How do you think man first communicated/talked to others?

What do you think were man’s first musical instruments?

·         The Universal Greeting Adopted as the official greeting of the Children of the United Nations.    Mudras or hand signals were used before spoken language. We will discuss the many mudras in modern society today; everything from sign language, sport signals, traffic signals, to the Peace sign and Waving on Facebook.

·         Voice, hands-clapping, rocks, sticks, drums… All of these are explored by Osten Aune’s introduction to his wide array of musical instruments.     From shakers & rattles, native American Buffalo drums, African Djembe drums and Krin log drums, to 7 gongs ranging from 12” Conch shell gong-40” King Gong from Italy and from all around the world; China, Germany, Italy, Iceland and Tibetan singing bowls, chimes and bells.

·         The kids get to participate in a drum/shaker circle where they’ll get hands-on playing time. The kids will also have an opportunity to play the gongs.

·         Then there are breath exercises and mudras to calm the kids down before a short meditative gong bath.

·         The Kid Gong program of drums, gongs, shakers, singing bowls and chimes introduces children to many cultures and traditions that are found around the world.


Didgeridoo, Buffalo Drum, Ocean Drum, Krin Drums, Wasembe Rattles,
Colorful Egg & Fruit Shakers...
all the kids get to participate
in the drum circle
creating rythems, vibrations and Sounds
(This may get loud! But not too loud).

Frog Guiro
Krin Log Drum
Wasembe Rattles
Buffalo Drums

Djembe Drum
Ocean Drum
Colorful Egg Shakers


Singing Bowls
Bells & Chimes
Fruit Shakers
and MORE!

Gongs, Singing Bowls

Hapi Drum