The most important is your Intention of giving !

Your Dāna needs to be given with a loving heart.

Dāna is a Sanskrit and Pali word for donation. But dāna has a different meaning in Buddhism (different from what we usually think in the west). Dāna is not an exchange of money for goods or services; the giving is done with a loving heart with no expectation of reward. The beauty of Dāna, is that No One is excluded for the lack of money 

Dāna is the first of the six Paramitas (Perfections, Virtues of the Heart) :

1.    Generosity (dana) ... Generosity

2.    Discipline (sila) ... Ethics

3.    Patience (ksanti) ... Patience

4.    Exertion (virya) ... Joyful Effort

5.    Meditation (dhyana) ... Concentration

6.    Wisdom (prajna) Wisdom

Generosity to cultivate the attitude of generosity.  Giving with no expectation of reward.

But truly, no one is excluded from the lack of money!
But truly a gift that one can afford.I

"Believing wealth is everything,
yet giving away nothing,
is a miserable state of mind"
Bhagavata Purana Chapter 101

For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil.
1 Timothy 6:10a