Conch Shell Gong Meanings

Steve Hubback's Spinning Conch Shell Gong

Steve Hubback's Spinning Conches are equal parts sculpture and instrument, blending artistic aesthetics and musical function. They are similar to a small gong in tone and function. They present a clear bell-like tone when tapped and a wobbly tremolo effect when spun. -- Gongs Unlimited

The Conch Shell is a spiritual symbol that has been used in many cultures. In ancient times it was used as a horn to wake people up. In Hindu myth, the conch shell makes the “OM” “AUM” sound.  In Hinduism, the conch shell represents the five elements--earth, water, fire, air and space.

In Buddhism the conch shell represents the voice of Buddha, that awakens the ignorant from their foggy ignorance.

Fibonacci spiral is apparent often on the head of Buddha.

In ancient Sanskrit, the conch is known as Shankha meaning “a shell holding the sacred water.” Conch shells have been used as containers for water, call to worship assembly and as a musical instrument for religious ceremonies. It is believed that the conch shell vibrations clear negative energy and replace with positive (cleansing, loving) energy; purifying the environment.

In Buddhism and Hinduism, the conch shell is associated with truthful speech, courage and strength.

In Christianity the Conch shell represents death and rebirth.

The Conch shell is also associated with the sacral chakra (association with water) and the solar plexus chakra.

Amazingly the Conch shell has the Fibonacci sequence, the golden ratio that is also found in nature

The Conch shell spiral pattern represents the shape of creation

The Golden Ratio in nature?

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